ECO Schools

Our ECO committee (Secret Gardeners)  is made up of children from Year 1 and Year 2. They work together to make our school as “green” as possible.


This is our ECO code which we all try to follow.


This is our Eco rap written by our school ECO Committee


Written by Buxton Infant School ECO Committee

We grow carrots, we grow peas,

We help butterflies, we save bees.

We are called the ECO Committee,

We all help to make our school look pretty.

Saving energy is our thing:

Turn off lights to make us sing!

Taps that drip make us sad,

So turn them off, or we’ll get mad!

Putting litter in the bin,

Recycling, re-using, makes us grin.

Cycling, scooting and walking to school.

Makes us fit and makes us cool.

The ECO Code is easy to follow,

Look on your wall today or tomorrow.

Every change, big or small,

Will make a difference…

For us all!

We have been awarded a Green Flag for our work we have done to make the school more ‘green’.

This is the Green Flag Logo

The ECO committee have placed green footprints in areas around school where children and adults need to think about being green. For example above taps and lights.


There are nine areas that the ECO committee focus on. We do a lot of our work in our garden and have been helped by the local community to encourage wildlife and produce some food of our own.


This is a sheet on tips for food waste that we distributed to raise awareness.

Food Waste Tips_Take Home Sheet