School Office – Easter Holiday

The school office will be closed over the Easter Holiday period.  There will be someone in the office on the inset day 12th April 2019.  Happy Easter

Inset Day – Friday 12th April

The school will be closed on Friday 12th April for an inset day.

Inset Day – Monday 7th January

Just a quick reminder that there is an inset day on Monday 7th January and we will see your children back at school on Tuesday 8th January.

School Office – Christmas Holiday

The school office will be closed over the Christmas Holiday period, it will re-open on the inset day Monday 7th January.  Have a lovely festive season

October Half Term

The school office will be closed over the half term week.  We hope you have a lovely break and see you on Monday 5th November

School Calendar 2018/19 – Amendment

Please note that the inset day on Monday June 3rd has been replaced by Monday 22nd July 2019 in order to mirror that of the junior school.  Children will be in school as usual on Monday June 3rd 2019

May Holiday and Inset Day

Just a reminder to all parents that children break up on Friday 25th May returning on Tuesday 5th June (Monday 4th June is an inset day).

Art Box

Caroline at Artbox is running a summer school for 4-18 year olds on dates in July and August.  Please see her (Artbox is located in the school carpark) for further details and to enrol.

Caroline is also running Adult Pottery Classes, again please see her for details.

Bank Holiday Monday

School will be closed on Monday 7th May with children returning the next day.

Easter Holidays

The office will be closed during the Easter Holidays 24th March 2018 until school starts back on Monday 9th April 2018.  Happy Easter to everyone.

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