Golden Rules


School Rules

We have a clear and consistent behavioural management policy which involves lots of rewards as well as sanctions and you can find our policy on this website in the Policies section.

We take the teaching or social, emotional and moral education very seriously at Buxton Infants and support academic teaching with a full curriculum of PHSE and a parallel curriculum of objectives which will hopefully give our children a firm foundation for later life skills. These include co-operation, perseverance, collaboration and empathy.

Our Golden rules are few and simple and can be found below:


  • We are Kind and helpful-We don’t hurt anybody’s feelings
  • We work Hard-We don’t waste our own or other’s time.
  • We are Gentle-We don’t hurt others.
  • We are Honest-We don’t cover up the truth.
  • We Listen-We don’t interrupt
  • We Look after Property- We don’t waste or damage things