Remote Learning

What to expect if your child tests positive for Covid 19 and has to self isolate

We are committed to providing high quality remote education  and will collaborate with you to ensure  that we support your child’s continued learning at home, if they are well enough to work. Our remote learning offer will follow the core curriculum taught in school and will be of an equivalent length.

This will be done in the following ways:

  • The class teacher will phone you at home on the first day of the child’s absence to check how they are and to make some simple suggestions of work you could do with them initially, provided that they are feeling well enough.
  • At the same time the teacher will offer you a pack of work for you to use with your child at home and links to website to support learning. This can be emailed to you or can be collected by another parent or friend to deliver to your house. In the case of neither of these being possible a member of school staff will deliver the work to you as soon as is possible. We will remind you of the class email address so that you can be in touch with the teacher about any queries you may have or return work for feedback. You can also post work and contact the teacher using Tapestry.
  • Five school days later the class teacher will make a follow up phone call to see how your child is and how they have progressed with the work pack. At this point more work will be issued as needed.


What to expect in the event of an outbreak where your child’s class and teacher are not working from the school premises

School will support their continued learning from home to ensure that we continue to deliver our core curriculum.  This will be done in the following ways:

  • Details of work for children to complete will be put onto  Tapestry from day one. You will also find details of the class email address with the documents and plan.
  • Daily short taught inputs for all subjects will be uploaded onto Tapestry for you to use with your child e.g phonics lessons, maths starting points.
  • Within the first few days off site, we will telephone you to check that you are able to access the work. If at this point you require physical copies of anything or reading books, then we can arrange for you to collect them from school for your child.
  • We  will make a follow up phone call to see how your child is progressing with their work and to give verbal feedback on work seen to date.
  • Work can be submitted through tapestry or via the class email address and teachers will give regular feedback.


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Remote Education Information for Parents Jan 21


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