Main School Aims

We aim to provide a happy and stimulating environment in which young children can learn to work and play together, being conscious of each others needs, yet able to develop their own natural abilities. We hope that children will become more independent and will achieve their full potential.

It is our firm belief that children learn by experience or ‘doing’ and therefore we aim to provide activities and experiences that will stimulate the children’s imagination, extend their use of language and help them towards understanding new concepts.
At all times we aim to consider the elements of learning. They are knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes. We appreciate fully that there will be a high instance of cross-curricular activity and that a sensitive approach to the curriculum will allow for differences in ability and interest of individual pupils.
Within the school we are aware of and support a positive approach equally towards girls and boys. In the organisation and ethos of the school we recognise we must reflect equal opportunities.

We are also aware that our children should have an understanding of the multi-cultural nature of our society.

It is our aim to achieve a breadth and balance of curriculum and the following areas of learning and experience are to be considered; aesthetic and creative, human and social, linguistic and literary, mathematical, physical, scientific, spiritual and moral, technological.

Study of these areas should establish a breadth of curriculum. We hope to achieve balance by giving each area the appropriate attention in relation to the other.