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Catch Up Planning

Following the closure of schools at the end of March 2020 and the partial return to school in June; all children returned to school in September and were able to benefit from a period of assessment of their academic and well-being needs and a well –matched programme of teaching to meet these needs. Following whole school closures for a second time in January 2021 all children have once again returned at the beginning of March.

The staff have been working really hard to asses every child and we now have a much better understanding of where additional work will be needed to ensure that all our children reach their potential and “catch up” the time lost.

The DFE are providing some additional funding (£80 per pupil) to support our programmes. You can find details of the catch up planning for the next four weeks for each year group here. All parents will be offered a phone consultation this term to discuss their own child’s current progress and attainment.

Catch up plan Reception term one

Catch up plan year one term one

Catch Up Plan Year two term one

Catch up Plan Year One March 2021

Catch up Plan Year Two March 2021