European Links

We think it’s really important that our children have an understanding of the wider world outside their home town and even beyond their own country.

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To this end we have fostered links with other schools across Europe for the last seven years. As a school we are linked to a school in Germany with which we share greetings via post and email. We support the children’s learning of an alternative culture with weekly German lessons which the children begin in reception. We have a peripatetic language teacher who teaches the children basic vocabulary in a fun way through songs and rhymes and games.

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You can listen to us singing one of our favourite songs – Hallo, hallo, Guten Tag – here


We are currently involved in an Etwinning project with schools in Poland, Italy and Germany. Each of the four schools involved completes work on designated celebrations with their classes. This work is then posted on a secure site which can only be accessed by school users. In this way children form all countries can share the different work that has been completed with their class. Skype links have been made with year one linked classes in Italy which is great fun for the children to bale to ask direct questions of fellow pupils in another country.