Work with other schools

Buxton Infant School Anti-Bullying Cluster Group


As part of our on-going work to prevent and tackle bullying in our school, we work with all members of our school community and representatives of other schools in the area to share ideas and good practice and to support each other in this most vital aspect of school life.

The group has been active for a couple of years now. Mr Hansell and Miss Monaghan are out teacher representatives and we also have input from Mrs Boyd and Mrs Storer. Mrs. Jones represents the lunchtime and cleaning staff and Mrs Dawn Clempson is our parent representative. We started off with a teacher representative from St. Anne’s and this has now grown to include teachers from Fairfield, Burbage, The Junior School and Taddington.

We discuss what each individual school has been doing with regards to anti-bullying and we also plan activities that we can use across the cluster. For example, for the past two years we have planned Anti-Bullying Week in November together, choosing a book which becomes a starting point for our activities and using the work we have completed during this week to make a Cluster Anti-Bullying display. In 2014 this display was put up at the swimming baths. Last year, The Pavilion Gardens and Morrisons very kindly let us display our work on their premises. Last year’s Anti-Bullying week also culminated in a special Anti-Bullying afternoon for members of all the Cluster School Councils, who came together to compile our displays, swap our ideas for anti-bullying activities and play drama games. This event was kindly hosted by The Community School who also provided some fantastic helpers for the afternoon, who the younger children really enjoyed working with.

If you would like to know more about our Anti-Bullying Cluster group and the work we do, or if you simply have questions about anti-bulling, please do not hesitate to contact either Mr Hansell or Miss Monaghan at school.