School Meals


From September 2014 all infant aged children (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes) receive their midday school meal free of charge – a sandwich option is available.  We use the Derbyshire Catering Service to provide a high standard, nutritionally based and balanced meal as served throughout the majority of primary schools in Derbyshire.

Children can take advantage of school meals or bring their own packed lunch or mix and match between the two. Talk to the staff in the office to find out more.



  • main course meat or fish dish
  • main course vegetarian dish
  • freshly made sandwiches and jacket potatoes on request
  • potatoes, rice or pasta with vegetables or salad
  • choice of pudding every day
  • fresh salad available every day
  • fresh fruit available every day
  • fruit juice drink and water available every day.

Facts about primary school meals in Derbyshire

  • primary and secondary menus comply with the Government nutritional standards
  • all recipes are low in sugar and fat
  • daily servings of vegetables, salad and fresh fruit
  • oven baking of dishes in preference to frying
  • home-cooked dishes with quality ingredients, that are locally sourced where possible
  • all ingredients are checked for unnecessary additives and allergens
  • bread served as an accompaniment to the meal
  • special medically referred diets can usually be catered for.

Menus showing what will be served each day are attached below:

Spring Summer School Lunch Menu 2022

We will be celebrating the Platinum Jubilee on 20th May by having a garden party at lunch time.

Platinum Jubilee Celebration Menu 20th May 2022